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About Us
Hi Guys!
We are a french couple that travels the world while making porn. We've been together for almost two years now and even though we met in France we always knew we would make our life elsewhere. We entered the world of porn a year ago when we decided to try live camming as an experiment in our sex life and it turned out we could actually make a living from it while being on the go and traveling: our dream come true! We've stopped doing live shows a while ago and now we focus on producing our own movies on the website ManyVids. We are both avid vlog watchers and huge fans of the likes of Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon and Sam Kolder for example. So a few months ago we had the idea to start our own vlog. It showcases our life and our travels but also our sex life of course. This is what we want to share here with you: no script, no one except us behind the camera, no faking, just us inviting you for a peak into our most intimate moments as a couple in love. Enjoy the videos!
Luna & James

废话不多说,瞧瞧人家 Casey Neistat、Peter McKinnon、Sam Kolder 的忠实粉丝,不得不说我觉的用vlog 记录啪啪啪并且拍的还挺有艺术风格,真的是算少见了,作者在剪辑和BGM上还是很用心的。

第一次看到的影片是 RISKY QUICKIE ON TOP OF A CLIFF THE SEX DIARIES 24 (LUNAXJAMES) 看到一半你大概会忘记你在看片片,觉得更像是旅游博主的vlog视频。

妹子是93年的,亚洲脸 ,视频大部分是野战和室内的。放两张照片(生活照😏)大家感受下,男主女主也是挺帅的身材也不错。

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